BioSkills Training Lab I & II

Surgical Bioskill Training Laboratories

Medicor provides a confidential and safe bioskills training space, two labs connected by an instrumentation cleaning room managed by experienced technicians.  Medical device manufacturers, Residency Programs, surgeons,and surgical technicians find a comfortable experience here to learn advanced surgical procedures on cadavers near their place of business or practice.  The Medicor team consists of creative and customer-service-minded lab personnel confident in up-to-date procedure and protocol.  


Medicor supplies the following:

  • Anatomical specimens through domestic, preferred tissue banks or upon approval, Medicor will receive specimens through the client's endorsed tissue resources and transport. Medicor demands serology testing for HIV and Hepatitis B and C on specimen. CAP-accredited, CLIA-licensed laboratory is FDA registered for screening human cells and tissues
  • Trained staff is available upon request to manage and accept all liability for specimen delivery, monitoring, preparation, set up, along with assisting with procedures (if requested), clean up and disposal. Medicor provides the ideal environment and anatomical cadaveric specimens for surgical procedure observation, participation, and research

  • The tissue bank sources utilize proven and reliable transport companies for anatomical deliveries who understand the unique needs of anatomical specimen transport; delivering efficiently and on time

  • An immaculatel lab setting with adequate fresh-air transfers 
  • Bioskills I equipped with:  A/V control panel, BioHazard dispensers, emergency clean solutions and spill kit, First Aid,eye wash station,  iPod jack,  medical floor mats, overhead ceiling lights, all standard PPE, Stericycle liquid dispensers, two monitors, a marmoleum floor, medical floor mats, and is 1,000 square feet +/-
  • Bioskills II is equipped with:  BioHazard dispensers, emergency clean solutions and spill kit, eye wash station/wet sink, First Aid, overhead ceiling lights, all standard PPE, Stericycle liquid dispensers, a sheet viny floor, and is 640 square feet +/-
  • Audio/visual capabilities include:  AMEX panel controls the monitors (2), provides in-ceiling microphones to the Theater Room for 2-way didactic participation, cable television, GE's OEC medical flouroscopic photography, iPod jack,Sirius, Visum Surgrical Light System with Camera
  • Ability to resource all prescribed equipment and instrumentation along with specialize PPE.