Social Gathering Space

The Social Gathering Space is central to the meeting planning activities at Medicor; this space is 1367 square feet. Here VIPS will enter Medicor to be greeted by Concierge or a designated team leader from the host company. This space exists to tell the host's story: the back-lit and spot-lit entertainment or monitor amoire was designed to showcase awards, marketing tools, and new technology. Sliding doors to the amoire can otherwise be closed for a streamline look. Leather club chairs and sofas juxtapose coffee cubes and end tables are situated for optimal social networking and otherwise can be relocated to accomodate host's event floor plan (Schematic plans available here). Also available are conference six foot tables to be utilized with trade show table covers and runners.  


Your VIPs will appreciate custom, modular art located in this space creating an impressive and sophisticated space. The Social Gathering Space also connects to the Cafeteria and Theater Room, and a few steps away the Men's and Women's Restrooms empty into Locker Rooms with showers that lead directly to the BioSkills Labs. The Social Gathering Space is as well a perfect spill-over space for expanded seating when needed, were the Theater Room neatly accomodates 45 participants in the leather swivel study chairs. The seating again in the Social Gathering Room will allow participants to listen and view informally.  


Conversion into a tradeshow platform with display-booth banners, draped-personalized conference tables for one-on-one demonstration, or training of equipment and systems is formidable. This space connects participants to WiFi free of charge keeping them abreast of daily business, but centrally focused to the meeting at hand.  While Rap-Up sessions may be successfully conducted here with a beverage service, h'orderves and networking over a game of darts or ping pong. Competive attendees have been known to as well to demonstrate their skills at XBox, or sit back and listen to Sirius, or watch cable televison between scheduled events.


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