Healthcare's ever growing needs for local and governmental funding has driven healthcare providers to encourage unprecedented patient results.  They are looking for consistency, unequaled health and surgical outcomes, and wish to further ensure positive customer satisfaction surveys.  Proactively medical device companies and their distributors have come together to provide innovative educational platforms to medical professionals, hospitals, and affiliates to monitor quarterly, and on an increased occassion, monthly bioskills training through Medicor to safeguard those anticipated results. 


One such support is ever-evolving education, in a location that is easy to get in and out of, a place that is off-campus, private and turn-key where medical professionals and their instrumentation educators and suppliers can provide uninterurrupted bioskills and didactic training.  Outside of time-constrained surgical setting, medical providers are able to further understand the needs and wants of their clients.


Since Spring 2010, Medicor Technology Learning Institute has been the place for individualized training for medical professionals. Medicor has been a place to learn, to get to know one and other, and to build long-term trust through healthcare changes and challenges. Both medical educators and suppliers recognize the critical importance of creating solutions for their clients along with keeping them apprised of the newest technology made available.  


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