What You Should Expect From Your BioSkills Training Facility

What You Should Expect From Your BioSkills Training Facility

Before Training Sessions Begin

Bioskills training is standard practice for surgeons. But your goal is to use invaluable lab-time to go above and beyond with immediate support addressing your client/surgeon’s needs and wants. The industry changes somewhat rapidly so medical device companies offer local, expedient training on the newest techniques at Medicor. Reasons to train may be to alter or refresh techniques and/or to otherwise increase exposure to the capabilities/limitations of a device in order to select the best, most suitable corrective device for trusting patients. 

What you should expect from a local training facility is one that provides a professional space for BioSkills training, catering, didactic training, along with room for planned and relaxed social venues, that accommodate with a high degree of detail over the course of an essential day of instruction or several days of instruction.


The Pre-Training

Smooth registration and information dispensing is key to a successful full-day of learning. The Social Gathering Space at Medicor is the perfect spot for the meet-and-greet along with the one-on-one introduction to exciting new technology to be featured in-house the day of the event. Immediate gratification and a positive, memorable first impression is the goal; this may be a good time even to plant the seed for something new for next time!  Next to the Social Gathering Space is the Cafeteria that is equipped to feature a continental style breakfast or a more expansive selection of hot/cold choices with complimentary beverages throughout the day.


Your BioSkills Training Experience

The most important component of a BioSkills training facility is the lab. The lab must feature state-of-the-art technology in ways that mirror, to a close degree, real-life-situations. Take advantage of the opportunity to train your surgeons on anatomical specimens; this will ensure their real-time exposure, and create a situation for you and your team to listen and learn; your unwavering attention and prompt response to your client’s needs as device manufacturers/distributors will continue to move your relationship forward.

You may choose to exponentially reach your audience by adding a virtual element to the wet-lab. Typically, didactic presentations occur before the lab in the Theater Room with A/V projection onto at 16’ x 16’ screen, proctor instruction, additional phone-in proctor directive/testimonials, sawbone demonstrations, and otherwise classroom tools and leather club chairs with swivel desk tops.  While at Medicor you can count on a team of experts to ensure support for a seamless day.


The Post Training

Wrap-up sessions happen rapidly sometimes with an easy grab-and-go meal for the road!  Medicor provides the Social Gathering space with club chairs, sports monitors/music, and free WiFi access.  The Social Gathering Space is a comfortable location near the entrance and surrounded by windows for participants to digest, network, relax, take a break, or hit the locker-rooms near-by for a shower and wardrobe change. 


It is an easy space to coordinate final transportation details for the drive home or flight out of General Mitchell Airport up to 45-minute away.  It’s been said that Medicor offers a local facility unmatched so do see for yourself on our virtual tour!