Preventing HAIs through quality training with Medicor

The importance of bio skills training is consistently increasing in significance year after year. It may be old news to some but at the September 2016 AAMI forum, Medical Technology and HAIs, it was reported by the participants that the number one and two factors in healthcare associated infections were:

1.    Inadequate resources and training

2.    Failure of providers to implement best practices


According to the CDC, in 2011, there was an estimated 722,000 HAIs in U.S. acute hospitals, just about 75,000 patients with HAIs died during their hospitalization.

For this reason, it is a clearer sign that to prevent HAIs and malpractice, quality training opportunities are the most important element to any surgeon’s education.


The quality of Medicor facilities

Available to the participants of bio skills training events at Medicor are state of the art facilities such as: the theater room, two surgical training laboratories, and a social gathering space for after event activities and recaps. These amenities have provided medical device manufacturers, residency programs, surgeons and surgical technicians, a comfortable atmosphere in which to learn and develop advanced surgical procedures.

Our in-house staff has the experience required to make sure your staff leaves Medicor meeting your learning outcome objectives.


Prepared for your scenario

Maintaining an optimal stress-free environment, through catering your needs, Medicor is the optimal location for your training event.

Medicor provides everything you need for your event to be successful. From the equipment, facility, instruments, professional services, and specialties you require. We guarantee to provide the environment for high-quality educational opportunities that you are looking for. Our hands-on bio skills training will leave you feeling prepared and ready to take on your next surgical procedure.