Medical Device Suppliers and Medical Residents: The Perfect Match

Medical Device Suppliers and Medical Residents: The Perfect Match

The Perfect Pair

When it comes to relationships, there’s no better one than medical device suppliers and medical residents and fellows. Together, both parties work to improve both the devices being used by physicians and the quality of the services being provided. This powerful duo is working closely together, having a real impact on the medical practices of tomorrow; but where does it all begin?


Building the Relationship

During their residency, physicians spend countless hours preparing for every possible scenario, working with countless different tools. During this stage, they undergo many sessions of training at BioSkills facilities across the country to learn new procedures and the tools required to conduct them.


Meanwhile, many device suppliers are working with BioSkills training facilities to test and incorporate their tools for use by physicians. Whether intended or not, these tools will often end up in the hands of residents and fellows during many of their training exercises. It’s at this time that both parties begin interacting with each other whether they realize it or not.


A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

The end result of device suppliers and residents working together in training facilities is a mutually beneficial relationship. Together, they work to hone skills with very specific tools; this builds confidence in both a supplier’s device and the future physician’s skills.


By the end of their residency, many of these new physicians have identified favorite procedures, tools, and suppliers. This carries over into their practice, when the time comes to perform procedures they’ll turn to the devices and techniques that they know best and can rely on the most.


Who Stands to Benefit?

As a physician, do you have devices you can trust? As a supplier, do you have physicians that rely on you? Either way, many people benefit from BioSkills training. To learn more about who benefits the most, have a look at one of our most recent blog posts