The Importance of BioSkills Labs for Continuing Education in Medicine

Every year the world becomes new place. Things continue to move forward at a rapid pace, and those who don’t keep up soon find themselves unable to perform at the levels required for their work. This sentiment couldn’t be truer when it comes to those in the line of health and medicine. Thanks to advanced medicine and procedures, diseases that were once seen as incurable are now capable of being defeated.


But these cures are only possible because of highly trained doctors keen on staying up to date with newer and better procedures being developed throughout the world. The importance of continuing education in medicine means the successful treatment of once difficult diseases. At Medicor we are proud to be part of that push for continuing education by offering BioSkills labs for physicians and training sessions that utilize top of the line equipment and true to life anatomical specimens.


BioSkills Labs for Continuing Education

After the required education needed to begin their careers, physicians come to rely on accredited continuing medical education to help them continuously improve their practice and care of patients. While knowledge of theory is critical to success in the medical field, the concept of hands-on training at a bioskills lab training facility also plays an important part in the learning process. The rationale behind learning-by-doing in a bioskills lab is an increase in productivity achieved through self-practice, perfection, and innovations.


Surgeons, nurses, and technicians who learn and apply their skills in a real-world setting such as a bioskills lab gain the necessary technique and resolve to transition from the treatment of anatomical specimens to live patients. Medical innovation is not without its challenges, and translating theories and innovations into real world applications exposes the potential issues that end users might experience.


By combining groundbreaking treatments with a state-of-the-art bioskills lab, medical innovators can teach colleagues, doctors, nurses, and end-users new skills, more effective surgical techniques, and the proper integration of new medical devices and technologies with a minimal output of time and capital. 


Getting Your Continued Education at Medicor

Medicor provides a confidential and safe bioskills training space, two labs connected by an instrumentation cleaning room managed by experienced technicians. Medical device manufacturers, Residency Programs, surgeons, and surgical technicians find a comfortable experience here to learn advanced surgical procedures on anatomical sepcimens near their place of business or practice.


Medicor’s anatomical specimens are acquired through domestic, preferred tissue banks, or upon approval, Medicor will receive specimens through the client's endorsed tissue resources and transport. Medicor demands serology testing for HIV and Hepatitis B and C on specimens. The acquired tissue is CAP-accredited, and the CLIA-licensed laboratory is also FDA registered for screening human cells and tissues.


Interested in advancing your training with anatomical specimens? Learn more about our BioSkills Labs here.