Creating a Realistic BioSkills Training Environment for Medical Practitioners

Creating a Realistic BioSkills Training Environment for Medical Practitioners

With the constant need to maintain skills as precise as surgery, many professionals struggle to find the correct environment to practice their trade. Constructing a realistic environment that emulate the day-to-day encounters that medical professionals need to practice most is a task that’s often left unfulfilled. Through professional staffing, highly equipped facilities, and diverse training sessions, practitioners can obtain the exact skills they need to be effective.


Creating the Perfect Environment

The entire process of creating the correct space for BioSkills training begins with the facility and equipment. With the constant development of new procedures and instrumentation, having modern facilities that are well maintained, updated, and supplied is one of the key components of successful training.

At Medicor, we feature state of the art equipment that mirrors the latest innovations in medical technology to allow training on nearly any procedure. Our use of anatomical specimens from proven and reliable transport tissue companies ensure not only the best specimens to practice on, but timely deliveries to every session.


Additional Meeting Spaces

If you’re performing BioSkills training for a group, additional meeting spaces are crucial for lecture or discussion style interactions that help facilitate the hands-on training portion. Facilities that fail to supply these vital spaces make it very difficult to conduct a full spectrum of training for professionals.

Outside of our BioSkills labs, Medicor also offers a social gathering space for wrap-ups, meetings, or promotional events. Additionally, we can also supply a theater room with AV equipment for didactic presentations, advanced technique demonstrations, and hands on experience with anatomical models.


Professional Staffing

With detailed equipment, both in the lab and outside of it, professional staffing is crucial to ensuring a smooth session for every participant. For BioSkills training, we are fully prepared to supply professionally trained staff for full specimen setup and preparation, cleanup, or to simply assist with the procedures themselves if needed.


We aim to make your visit to Medicor as easy, productive, and beneficial as possible. For more information; contact us online!