BioSkills Labs | What to look for in your BioSkills Lab Facility

BioSkills Lab

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, each day is a new day to procure a cure! The world of medicine continues to make amazing strides, allowing our doctors to implement procedures that were once thought impossible. But again, like we always say, the skill needed to preform those lifesaving procedures are only possible when our medical professionals remain properly educated and trained.


That’s why we love what we do here at Medicor Technology Learning Institute. We help doctors become the best version of themselves thanks to meticulously planned and organized BioSkills Lab training. Make no mistake, a bioskills lab is key in ensuring your medical staff is at the level needed to perform anything and everything that will come their way.


But knowing how important a bioskills lab is for success, how do you go about selecting one? With our years of experience managing change and education at Medicor, we’ve found that there are three key factors to consider when selecting your bioskills lab:


1.    Anatomical Specimens

As technologies have advanced, there’s been a growing movement to rely solely on simulations instead of anatomical specimens. However, studies found that anatomical specimens are indeed a necessity in trainings such as endovascular surgery, because tissue offers the perfect environment to master the skills needed to perform those surgeries effectively. This is why anatomical specimens are so valuable.


Medicor’s anatomical specimens are acquired through domestic, preferred tissue banks, or upon approval, Medicor will receive specimens through the client's endorsed tissue resources and transport. Medicor demands serology testing for HIV and Hepatitis B and C on specimens. The acquired tissue is CAP-accredited, and the CLIA-licensed laboratory is also FDA registered for screening human cells and tissues.


2.    The Best Equipment

One thing that cannot be overlooked is the importance of equipment and devices in the operating room. That’s why utilizing a BioSkills lab for new medical device training is such a pivotal step in the process of ensuring physicians get the best experience for the job. When equipment is used in a BioSkills training lab, users are very open to sharing the problems they may have with a device, or providing input on how the device could be better.


The mission of Medicor is to provide a state-of-the-art setting for medical device manufacturers and distributors, and local hospital and medical practitioners with their training needs. This ensures the utmost confidence when it comes time to use these tools in a real setting.


3.    Great Staff

Your BioSkills Lab success depends on the people running it. You’ll want to be sure that the staff are experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to provide in any way you may need. That’s why the Medicor team consists of creative and customer-service-minded lab personnel confident in up-to-date procedure and protocol. Trained staff is available upon request to manage and accept all liability for specimen delivery, monitoring, preparation, set up, along with assisting with procedures (if requested), clean up and disposal. In fact, along with our advanced bioskills lab capabilities and resources, patrons have applauded the efficient hosting and meeting planning services we have open to the public. 


One thing is certain, medical educators, trainers, and researchers need a local professional space to keep doctors up-to-date in their specialties using bioskills labs. The modern techniques practiced at these labs lead to less invasive treatments for patients, benefiting the bottom line: the success of the medical community and patients everywhere.