About Medicor Technology Learning Institute


Each day is a new day to procure a cure.  Medicor is a training facility where medical device companies can provide instruction on the newest non-invasive training instruments and techniques.  Medical educators, trainers, and researchers need a local, professional space to keep doctors up-to-date in their specialties using bioskills labs. State-of-the-art attitude, activities, and environment; Medicor has become the Midwest's premiere spot for learning.


Keeping research local means faculty and students alongside surgical professionals can more often and more readily propel improvements to patient outcomes.  The modern techniques practiced at Medicor lead to less invasive treatments for patients benefiting the bottom line:  the success of the medical community, every patient, and everyone.


Founded in 2010; Medicor is the only non-hospital affiliated or physician owned surgical training center of its kind in Wisconsin.  Along with the advanced bioskills lab capabilities and resources, patrons have applauded the efficient hosting and meeting planning services open to the public.


Focus & Mission


The mission of Medicor is to provide a state-of-the-art setting for medical device manufacturers and distributors, and local hospital and medical practitioners with meeting, networking, and training needs. Serving Wisconsin and its five adjoining states, Medicor offers unique services beyond the classic meeting and training facility; the institute was designed to contribute to:

  • Advanced physician training
  • Host educational venues for accredit continuing education for medical support staff, nursing, and physician assistants
  • Improving more effective, less invasive treatments for patients
  • Study of disease pathology

The company name, Medicor, is a Latin term meaning “to cure” or “to heal” and reflects the deep seated mission to help medical professionals expand technologies and practices in an atmosphere conducive to success. Medicor provides the ideal environment for device manufacturers, medical researchers, surgeons and surgical technicians to optimize live surgical procedure observation and participation with human cadavers in two bioskills labs. 


Success is a belief system valued at Medicor. Quality performance is what makes satisfied clients, and dedication to the cause for cures is what drives the passion to succeed. The Medicor team is conscientious and hard working, fulfilling client needs with steadfast capability paired with professional and in most cases, higher than industry standards and equipment resources.




Wisconsin's medical communities and diverse medical device companies have said local is better.  Location, location, location and availability to serve medical training needs has proven return on investment.  Investment of energy and time.  Medicor has become a space for converging experiences over a common outcome—the success of a patient. Oftentimes, it’s a blending of great minds in medicine, of leaders who take short bits of time from their daily business or practice to guide, interpret, and teach practitioners and residents.  Medical device companies share new techniques on how to use existing, along with new products with ways to utilize devices to increase functionality.  On occasion a teacher may becomes a student, a student a teacher; levels of trust grow through achieving knowledge together.  Medical affiliations from California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin have made Medicor their central training destination.


There is a Game Changing Team at Medicor


Together there is over 100 years of experience managing change, and education at Medicor.  The team is trained to provide start-to-finish procurement of bioskills lab management, to meeting planning to include catering fulfillment, lecture programming, and hosting capabilities to include trade show-style set-up.  Medicor began out of a practical need to bring bioskills training and education to physicians in a comfortable, local, and modern setting.  Philanthropically, Medicor members through associates, family and friends have shared wins and losses to cancer and other life threatening illness.  The desire to make available a local establishment 'to find a cure' made sense.  Many have seen the success of modern medicine and techniques propelling families forward with increased quality of life.  Medicor is driven to perpetuate 'to create a cure' for those who suffer, through education and training leadership. A place where Medicor's team gives back and works to satisfy the desired goal of each medical device client or physician client, and to add to the experience with professional assistance.  Each member mindfully thinks out-out-of-the-box, and looks for clues and direction to making labs at Medicor efficient and timely.




Ever growing and effective community relationships prove to enhance value at Medicor through business and medical collectives.  Networking with local entities has ensured greater authority, intellectual and material sources, along with ingenuity to instigate headway toward affecting cures or solutions.  Gratefulness is an understatement to those who are entrenched as Medicor is, to this end. 


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